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Header Demo

Header only

Constrained Header

Header with Nested Links for Title

Header with sub-title

Header with breadcrumbs

Header with breadcrumbs and subtitle

Header only with search

Header Action link

A Header action is not simply another menu link. It should be a short, single-word link that is a call to action. Fitting examples include 'Apply', 'Defer', 'Cart' or 'Donate'. If this link is too long it will not fit properly. It is your responsibility to use header action links appropriately. ONLY use one header action link. Do not provide two links to the actions slot.

Header only with search and an Action link

Header only with search and sign-in

Active State

Anytime the menu is showing, the current/active page's menu link must have the "selected" class.

Header with search, sign-in, and nav

Header + Nav, Signed in with Account options